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Lost Stories capsule inspired by the distress of Kashmir as a homeland


fashion and style driven boutique style online plus size store focused on fiercely feminine clothing from sizes Audacious US 14 to Gorgeous US 32

and customisation for all sizes.
Focusing on ways to control waste

with high regard to value for labour.

Zooni Coord Product Back.jpg
lgtbq+ friendly feminine plus size clothing

"for us fashion is feminine regardless of gender" 


"dignity of labour and  a continuous learning to zero waste living 

zero waste plus size  fashion products

the zero waste shop is our emotional investment in making products and garments from our own production waste. Globally humans produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year 

ZeWaSho - The Zero Waste Shop is our minute effort to be better - better humans

our core values come from very basic human responses that arise from the space with live in 
QEER - Quality, Equality,  Empowerment and Respect form the basis how how we process life and work

know more about profusion fashions plus size fashion journey
ruchi and prachi kuchroo - co-founders Profusion Fashions

we believe that Shakti isn’t gendered, and it is at the heart of how we reimagine our fashion. We want to create clothing that talks to the Shakti within all
of us, without being bogged down by our masculine energy. We are all, Varatanu. Read our stories here>>

our plus size fashion need comes from our constant quest into our spiritual journey. a lot of it has to do with our eternal connections with the people we work with , the people we work for , you and I

we all are trying to find that one connection with our roots - with the universe - in hopes we will collectively find peace

Varatanu Blog talks about Profusion Fashions journey in creating plus size fashion for the voluptuous body form. A free rolling blog about collections, fashions, zero waste, slow fashion, labour, greenwashing and random musings on art, guest speakers and guest writers
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