prachi and ruchi the founders

Profusion is a personal journey of prachi and ruchi who wanted to curate a  online boutique uniquely crafted and designed to enhance the voluptuous silhouette


sisters, soul friends and live in two different continents. 

we do not have very different stories than you. we are as complex, mad hatters, mood swingers , fiercely feminine like you

we've spent half our lifetime in food processing and project consulting, manufacturing and hospitality administration and wanted to work hard to come back to something that drives us and keeps our Profusion family enriched.

Prachi Kuchroo

quality, empowerment, equality and respect (QEER) form the foundation values of our work and passion

Lost Stories republished in Vulkan Magazine

we live with the constant idea that change is inevitable. we change our concept designs based on feelings, seasons, everyday art and movement

As a part of who made my clothes initiative and to foster a sense of transparency, we firmly believe that we must be open and forthright.Our teams  combinations depend on the project and can change as we are a small enterprise. These are passionate people who are in-house and/or outsourced for Profusion. Write to us if you want more information on them

Strategy and Business: Prachi

SCM and Feasibility - Ruchi

Accounts - Gunaji

CA- Vineet

Marketing and Sales - Prachi

Legal: Sheetal/Binita

Design, QC, Technical & Concept - Ruchi

Masterji - Khokan

Tailor - Akram 

Cutter - Kalyan Bhai

Pattern Master - Suresh Bhai

Embroiderer - Allaudin

Embroiderer - Ramesh

Knitter - Vijaya

Packing and Packaging - Rajan


Photography - Harshal

Photography - Diwakar


Dispatches/Delivery Partner - Jay Prakash