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profusion is a personal journey of prachi and ruchi who wanted to curate a  online boutique uniquely crafted and designed to enhance the voluptuous silhouette


sisters, soul friends and live in two different continents. 

prachi and ruchi the founders

we do not have very different stories than you. we are as complex, mad hatters, mood swingers , fiercely feminine like you

quality, empowerment, equality and respect (QEER) form the foundation values of our work and passion

a voracious reader since her childhood, prachi is a natural empath who thrives when meeting and connecting with people. this led her to her earning her masters in hospitality and restaurant management at fairleigh dickinson university on a full scholarship in 2012.

prior to this, in 2002 she pursued an with an mba from ecole nationale des ponts et chausees, france. in between, prachi used her skills to grow a small business in india and to work with one of the best south asian food distributors on the east coast of the usa.  it was during her stint in hospitality that prachi realised that there was a serious lacuna when it came to plus-sized clothing in India. most brands weren’t designing for the curvy, voluptuous figure- they were simply grading up. with profusion, she and her sister ruchi hope to change that. she firmly believes that all lean bodies are not necessarily healthy. it is important to be proud of who you are and to focus on your energy and vibe. a self-confessed food enthusiast, good food is intensely critical for prachi’s well-being, but that doesn’t equate to an unhealthy lifestyle.


she wants QEER (quality, equality, empowerment and respect) to form the founding values of profusion

Prachi Kuchroo
ruchi kuchroo

ruchi realised at an early age that she didn’t quite ‘fit’ - in school, she disliked symmetry, and although she loved exploring art, she was labelled messy and crude. She started exploring fashion as a way to discover herself and used to frequently get in trouble for painting glass windows with fashion sketches and using acrylic paints on gowns so they wouldn’t wash away. fashion, one would have thought would be a natural course to follow, but like all things with ruchi, it wasn’t as simple and  straightforward. ruchi ended up doing her masters in international business and Law from ecole nationale des pont et chaussées, paris.

her year in paris made her realise two things: one, she could out-budget anyone and two, her love for fashion never quite went away. in fact, it was growing to be an obsession. in 2007 she moved to toronto to study a detailed master of strategy from schulich school of business, and that’s when life threw another curveball at her - ruchi had to return home to join the family business. she worked for years honing her business acumen, but her first love always kept calling out to her.that's when she decided to take the plunge along with her sister, prachi in 2018 to launch profusion fashions.

there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into making the collections - ruchi always knew that she wanted to create lines that catered to those that, like her, didn’t quite ‘fit’. who are proud of who they are and tired of conforming to what magazines and clothing stores think are ‘regular’ or ‘usual’. she wants to showcase the voluptuous form that is fiercely, uniquely feminine. she wants to celebrate you.

Lost Stories republished in Vulkan Magazine

we live with the constant idea that change is inevitable. we change our concept designs based on feelings, seasons, everyday art and movement

as a part of who made my clothes initiative and to foster a sense of transparency, we firmly believe that we must be open and forthright. our teams  combinations depend on the project and can change as we are a small enterprise. these are passionate people who are in-house and/or outsourced for profusion. write to us if you want more information on them

strategy and business: prachi

scm and feasibility - ruchi

accounts - gunaji

chartered accountant- vineet

marketing and sales - prachi

legal: sheetal/binita

content consulting (2022): rajni

design, qc, technical & concept - ruchi k

masterji - khokan

tailor - akram 

cutter - kalyan bhai

pattern master - suresh bhai

embroiderer, machine - allaudin

embroiderer, hand -riyaz

knitter - vijaya

photography styling (2022) - kajal 

photography: girish

photography - harshal

photography - diwakar


dispatches/delivery partner - jay prakash

hygiene: uma

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