Profusion is a personal journey of two sisters, prachi and ruchi who wanted to curate a plus size online boutique uniquely crafted and designed to enhance the voluptuous silhouette


sisters, soul friends and live in two different continents. 

prachi lives in USA with her husband and is the Profusion strategist and like ice cream.. tough on the outside but she melts easily. she mostly plays chess in her dreams and is the chief troublemaker 


ruchi is like the most stable chaos creator -sometimes fickle, sometimes zen. she's lived in paris and toronto but came back home to mumbai because they say she's daft like that. she draws in her sleep and lives in an alternate universe by herself


we do not have very different stories than you. we are as complex, mad hatters, mood swingers , beautiful plus feminine like you

we've spent half our lifetime in food processing and project consulting, manufacturing and hospitality administration and wanted to work hard to come back to something that drives us and keeps our Profusion family enriched.

quality, empowerment, equality and respect (QEER) form the foundation values of our work and passion

we live with the constant idea that change is inevitable. we change our concept designs based on feelings, seasons, everyday art and movement

we fight, we bicker, we learn, we unlearn, we re-learn and eventually create something out of honest to good love.