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Varatanu (var - ta - nu) वरतनु - voluptuous

The philosophy of worshipping Shakti - or the feminine energy, has always existed throughout the centuries. The feminine energy is complete, enigmatic and powerful - and it is devoid of physical constructs. Over time, we seem to have become enmeshed in the thought that restricts the feminine to a particular form or with restrictive definitions of what it means to be feminine. We want to use our blog to promote the idea that Shakti, femininity, can exist in many forms, and she needs to be celebrated in all her forms. We want to see her being celebrated by learning to love our bodies. We want to show the world that voluptuousness means grace, it means being healthy, it means being brave enough to step out of the restrictive, rigid boxes we are put into. We also believe that Shakti isn’t gendered, and it is at the heart of how we reimagine our fashion. We want to create clothing that talks to the Shakti within all of us, without being bogged down by our masculine energy that is always questioning norms and acts as a catalyst to rules and discipline.

We are all, Varatanu. Read our stories here

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