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the start of profusion fashions plus size fashion journey

profusion fashions started out officially online in 2019 with the core belief that we all are truly beautiful and unique. the voluptuous and curvy silhouette commonly known as plus size in fashion is one of the most creative silhouettes to design for

we continuously strive for creating styles that enhance the various forms of the human body. the human body in itself, is our greatest inspiration. we also draw immense inspiration from the energy of the soul - in that, yours and ours is really the same

we size in adjectives. for the world its sizes US 14/L to US 30/8X. we know its easier in numbers but we like adjectives to define the human body. so, audacious, confident, spirited, secure, courageous, bold, graceful, radiant and delicate are what we currently design for

slow fashion

slow fashion for us is a concept of mindfulness.

we have few designs and smaller skus and the only thing that are flat and lean is our work style

we are currently trying to source natural fabrics that focus on protecting the environment and hope to create the same magic through our kruhoon 2022 collection

slow fashion is a continuous learning process. for us, its important that we pay fair price, make on order, pay artists above market. we hold technical expertise to a modiste at the highest order. we are still learning. we all are

slow fashion is a core part of profusion fashions plus size journey
profusion fashions plus size fashion jounrney is all about being feminine regardless of gender

we design for the voluptuous feminine energy. it is not specifically for she/women. but for everyone who is exploring their feminine nature. fluid or otherwise. no labels here. just the feminine

Jacket from Katran and Waste Fabric

for us, the point of slow fashion is to remain sustainble within our community and work on ways to reduce the impact on environment 

we used to make quilts for street dwellers

we recently started scruffing textures using pieces large and small that cannot be revisited in original designs

hamsa capsule collection is our way of upcycling frail vintage saris that have innumerable stories in them

we hope to continuously focus on finding ways to this effort. The ZeWaSho is an attempt of design 

quilting, applique, boro, kantha form a part of profusion fashions sustainable initiatives along with their focus on plus size clothing

because our focus is so firmly to cater to plus feminine up-to delicate size, we may not have sizes that are petite or beyond but we would be honoured to customise our designs for any body type or gender. do fill our customisation form and we will call you asap!

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ruchi kuchroo
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