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About Profusion Fashions

The journey to Profusion Fashions being where it is a journey of paradoxes. It was created in an instant but also was years in the making.

Profusion Fashions was born one morning over the breakfast table in a nyc restaurant while Ruchi was visiting her sister Prachi in the US. But it was also the brainchild brewed over countless dinner conversations over the years. Both the co-founders share a love for fashion and recognised a need to have a fashion label that caters to the voluptuous Indian figure with sensibilities that appeal to today’s woman.

Prachi Kuchroo
Prachi and Ruchi on a very thoughtful breakfast day on a cold NYC
Ruchi and Prachi 's first isolated meet to discuss the possibility of a small online plus size fashion boutique

The process:

When each line is conceptualised, it is done with the voluptuous silhouette in mind- unlike other brands that simply try to scale up the size zero, every detail here is catered to real Indian figures. There weren’t even existing mannequins that kept these in mind, so proportions were gathered from thousands of trails and measurements from customers. Profusion Fashions still realises that each body is unique and are always happy to customise every garment that is shipped out.

No attempt to green-washing, just honest sustainability - a process of deep unlearning and learning:

When the sisters started out, they encountered a lot of brands that claimed to be eco-friendly, but when they dug deeper, they found that it wasn’t really true. That’s why, from the outset, they decided to create their own eco-journey, one that they try to improve and better with every subsequent collection. From their zero waste journey collecting scraps after the setbacks of the first collection to using fabrics that are gentler on the planet and to using local artisans who are always paid well above market rate, so they can focus completely on every garment, it is the unhurried, careful consideration that governs their lines.

Profusion Fashions understand that things of beauty cannot emerge from unfair exploitation, or harmful environmental practices or rushed designs that are simply an attempt to adapt what’s been designed for a different body type. They want you to realise and recognise the beauty in you when you wear one of their creations. To bravely celebrate your femininity, your Shakti.

First Fabric Store we visited together on 37th St NYC
First Fabric Store we visited together on 37th St NYC

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