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Happy New Year 2023

2022 has been a rather of a roller coaster for us. The overall brunt of the fashion industry kind of trickled down to small businesses like ours. But with a resolve to try and be closer to sustainable efforts towards fashion, we launched Kruhoon - a six piece collection of quirky plus size office wear focusing on handspun handwoven cotton and hemp fabrics.

Hemp Black Angarakha and Handspun Handwoven checks short dhoti pyjama
Kruhoon - As light as the dark

This year, we were published in the bnb mag, a digital and print magazine detailing our efforts towards plus size fashion.

We were also published in the FII online magazine, that spoke about waste in fashion and how small local businesses like ours can help navigate the negative effects of fast fashion

Earlier in the year, Merril Diniz wrote about our brand and plus size fashion mantra with a broader understanding of diversity and inclusion. Her role in our learnings have been profound

Beginning of the year, we upped our sizes to Delicate/US30/8X and we will continue to increase the standard size range. Regardless, we are open to customisation for all. Gender continues to play an important role in our core vision

Coming 2023, we wish to invite more LGBTQA++ in our client base who identify with their female energy. We also wish to up our standard size to Glamorous/US32/9X

We also are geared towards a new collection RAAKA (Full Moon) focused on cocktail wear from sustainable silk and hand spun handwoven jamdani is to be launched by February - March 2023

Flawed collection, from scraps of hamsa collection, boro style that is handmade will be made available online from January 2023

Upclying Project Flawed inspired by boro style techniques
Boro Inspired Dress

Last but not the least, we want to thank you, for all the support you have shown throughout our journey, You made us and will make us better as a team, as a brand and as humans. So, Thank you for 2022 and here's hoping to WOW you with 2023

Wishing you the best year yet! Dil Se!

Prachi and Ruchi

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