June month is so insightful

"I'm not a smart man particularly. But one day at long last , I stumbled upon the dark woods of my own, my family's and my country's past. Holding in my hand these truths. That love grows from forgiveness. That from destruction comes renovation. That the evidence of God exists in out of connection to one another. This much atleast I figured out. I know this much is true"

- I know this much is true, Wally lamb

The feminine and masculine energies regardless of relationships of parent-child, marriage, friendships etc goes through an intense cycle of downfall and/or growth. The thing that stands the test of time is kindness and love. In these times, kindness and love of merging these energies remains the most difficult yet only way to save mankind. Here's to June month, to provide us the fatherly, the daughterly, the motherly, the romantics and the gender free growth in love and kindness