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Lost stories (2018) - When flashbacks are not enough

Lost stories (2018) was a collection inspired by our love for kashmiriyat. 1989 was the last we saw of Kashmir. It's longing outside the borders and of stories that no one tells. Inside, lifeless with dreams. Outside , hopeful with dreams. The collection was more depicted from colors of the seven chakras to find the balance from within us. To somehow, find something that's missing in us. It's a quiet yet chaotic depiction of our romance with our homeland

There is something missing when you look at each piece closely and you wouldn't know what and why

The collection is a chaotic combination of inspiration of the guelder rose (dastaan posh), periwinkles, german iris (sosan) , Lotus flower (pamposh), chinar leaf (from bouin), 7 chakra colours (for trying to find the calm and balance) and a contemporary take on fabrics of kashmir

" ...migrants leave their pasts behind, although some try to pack it into bundles and boxes-but on the journey something seeps out of the treasured mementoes and old photographs, until even their owners fail to recognize them, because it is the fate of migrants to be stripped of history, to stand naked amidst the scorn of strangers upon whom they see rich clothing, the brocades of continuity and the eyebrows of belonging..” ― Shame, Salman Rushdie (1983)

The Shafa is inspired by the kaleenbafi weavers of kashmir. Here the handwoven mulmul headgears stacked onto one another by Shirin Aminian

In Set Model: Oli Saw

The awkward dress inspired by geulder rose and german iris. The idea was to mix inexepensive and premium pashmina fabrics with chaotic embellishments and embroideries in order to depict the mental chaos of never being able to visit home - in all its glory. A blurred image of adundance from a child's eye

Awkward Morning Coat with strands of dislodged tilla embroidery

The shrunk take on the morning coat with strips of disloged tilla embroidery through the colors of the solar plexus and root chakra colors. In a sense the embroidery is not set in place, the chakras are imabalanced in the new place. The root chakra depicted in the shorts define feeling incomplete. The criss cross of the inshirt made from mulmul depicts the emotional, physical turmoil of having lost to an internal war

Lotus Flower Jacket

Pamposh, the lotus, in all its glory. A gift from the Gods. Here we imagine embracing it within ourselves. Absorbing all balances and downloads from the crown chakra and ending with the color of the root chakra.

Reconceptualized Concept : DREAM ALOUD @vulkanmag

Model Amrita Ganesh

Stylist Fehmin Belim

Photo Shiv Kumar Dhale

Mua Valene Dsouza

Photographer - Saurabh Stagey. Stylist: Stacey Cardoz

Photographer - Saurabh Stagey. Stylist: Stacey Cardoz