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Spotlight by Merril Diniz: Sexy, sustainable, size-inclusive fashion

"For as long as I can remember, fashion has been one of the least inclusive mainstream spaces. Millions of people engage in this space everyday. Yet, we get to shop among such a small spectrum of sizes. The overall shopping vibe is also not friendly to anyone exceeding a size XL.

From my 20s’ onwards, I began actively seeking out fashion brands that were breaking the status quo. But what I discovered is that brands mostly operated in a “safe” size range. Eventually they would tag on a few larger sizes, as an afterthought. This means one has to shed a lot of weight to fit into clothing of your taste.

Well, in 2022, I was thrilled to discover Profusion Fashions, an online boutique brand that launched with inclusive sizing from Day 1. The brand houses sizes “audacious US 14/L to radiant US 28/7XL”. “We have a size chart in adjectives – Audacious, Confident, Spirited, Secure, Courageous, Bold, Graceful and Radiant sizes – in that order,” explains Co-founder Prachi. Their approach to closing the fashion size deficit got me very excited!

I was really excited to understand the thinking behind launching a size-inclusive brand that makes such flattering, funky, fierce clothing. Here’s what an honest conversation with Prachi Kuchroo and her partner-in-crime Ruchi, revealed…" writes Merril Diniz

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About Merril DIniz

A Goan by birth and in spirit. Writer at heart. Loves spending time in nature, writing on issues and ideas I care about Communications professional working to craft a safer, nicer planet.

Proud, loving SODA (Sibling of a deaf adult).

Member of the Capital City Minstrels and Paranjothi Academy Chorus, Mumbai. Travelled to Europe for a magical 40-day music tour. Striving to live a mindful, conscious, kind, zero-waste lifestyle.

Part of a series featuring women and their lockdown experiences/ learnings triggered by the Covid19 pandemic

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