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Raaका (Origin: Sanskrit - राका, رَا ک - the night of the fourteenth moon, Purnima - full moon night 

Our Habbah Dress is a stunning piece of art that celebrates Korean and South Asian culture. It is crafted from handspun and handwoven mulberry silk and cotton blend, intricately embroidered with satin gold and silver phases of the moon, and finished with an overlay of jamdani cotton. This gorgeous dress is mildly inspired by the hanbok, a traditional Korean garment, and is perfect for any special occasion. The Habbah Dress is our dedication to the late Habbah Khatoon , the nightingale of Kashmir

The Zooni (meaning moon in kashmiri) Dress is a beautiful and timeless piece of clothing. It has an umbrella cut and bell sleeved design, made from a luxurious blend of handspun handwoven mulberry silk and cotton. It also features an elegant embroidered pattern of the phases of the moon. Perfect for a special occasion, the Zooni Dress is sure to make a statement.

PS: Habbah Khatoon was also dearly known as Zooni