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Covid Restrictions and Care

Dear Reader,

We hope you and everyone around you is safe and we send you strength and love and light to pull through these difficult times.

Both our main office and workshop are based out of Mumbai, India. Based on the current directive by the Maharashtra Government, the current lock down including that of non essential items is until 15.05.2021. We therefore honour the directive. Shipments are halted until we receive intimation from the Government. Bespoke pre booked orders will be secure with us until we can ship them. We hope and will bounce back from these very difficult times

We are doing everything we can to protect our work force and staff and hope to come back to a more creative design space focusing on sustainability and zero waste plus fashion

We are also working on finding ways to support ngos in Mumbai that have the gumption to help us fight through. 

Stay Safe, Sanitise and Mask-on

Protect your community and underprivileged

Love and Light Always,

Prachi and Ruchi

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